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Download Visuals for Fulldome projection

4K and 8K video content, video art backgrounds & vj loops for cupola dome  projection mapping

Our visuals are created by professional motion graphic artists who have years of experience creating content for live events. They know what it takes to engage and amaze the audience. Up to 8K resolution that gives you crystal clear content even when wrapped around a full 360-degree dome. From minimal entry visuals to full high-energy party visuals you will find them all here. Backgrounds, vj loops, overlays, and full content visuals that you can mix and match to create unique content for your Dome setups, be it for an event or permanent installation. Royalty free visuals and vjloops in 4K-8K resolution for fulldome show and immersive video performances download at Fulldome Store.

What is Fulldome Visuals?

Fulldome visuals are digital images and animations specifically designed to be projected onto a dome-shaped screen in a Fulldome projection system. Fulldome visuals can range from simple patterns and abstract designs to more complex visual content, such as animations, simulations, and interactive graphics.

Fulldome VJ loops, on the other hand, are a type of Fulldome visuals designed for use in live performances, such as concerts and other events. VJ stands for Video Jockey, and Fulldome VJ loops are collections of visuals that can be mixed and matched to create a dynamic and visually engaging show. Fulldome VJ loops are often accompanied by music, lighting effects, and other sensory elements to create a fully immersive experience for the audience.