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About Fulldome Store

We create Fulldome Store to help arists deliver their projection art show to international customers.

Fulldome is a Project of FrontFX company curated by New Media Artist Alexander Kuiava. With years of experience is creating content and footage for stage shows and permanent video installations. These are highly curated and sorted content created specially for Dome projection mapping.

We know what it takes to create spectacular shows that leave your audience with a lasting memory and something to talk about even after the show is over.

Alexander Kuiava Producer of Fulldome Store

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At Fulldome our aim is to be a one-stop solution for all your dome mapping shows, from content, software to hardware setup, we can help you create 360 degree shows with ease, while saving you money and time, yet providing the highest quality of video content. 

Alexander Kuiava
General Producer at Fulldome Store


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