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Films & Visuals for Fulldome & Planetariums

All our visual content has been created by professional motion graphic artists with years of experience in creating dome shows.

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Fulldome projection mapping can be tedious to set up and expensive to produce content for, that is where come in! To make things easy and faster for your full dome setups.

We are dedicated to providing world-class full dome visuals that wrap around any dome, allowing you to create exclusive and unique dome projection shows. 

Use this content for museums, planetariums, events or pop-up dome shows. Anywhere you need a 360 dome experience, we are your one-stop solution.

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Alexander Kuiava

Content Producer

What is Fulldome?

Fulldome refers to a type of dome-shaped immersive display technology that is used to project images and videos in 360 degrees. It is commonly used in planetariums and other dome-theater settings, allowing viewers to experience an all-encompassing, surround-view experience. Fulldome technology typically employs multiple projectors and a specially-designed dome to create a seamless and realistic viewing experience.

Why Fulldome projection is trending today?

Fulldome projection has become a trend in recent years due to advancements in projection and display technology, as well as an increasing interest in immersive and interactive experiences. With fulldome, viewers are able to experience media in a completely new way, as if they are truly “inside” the content. This provides a unique and memorable experience that is particularly well-suited for educational and entertainment purposes.

Additionally, the rise of virtual and augmented reality technologies has increased the demand for fulldome and other immersive display systems. Overall, fulldome represents the future of display technology, offering new and exciting ways to interact with digital content.

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