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How can I place an order?
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To place an order Just choose the Items you like and add those to the cart. When all products needed are choosen and placed in a cart, go to your cart page, enter discount code in case you have any and checkout. Afterwards when the form is filled, payment method is choosen just complete your order.

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How can I cancel my order?
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To cancel you order just go to your personal account by the link, go to your orders and simply select to cancel the choosen order.

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How do I check my order status?
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To check your order status just log into your personal account at, go to your purchases and you’ll see the information about orders you’ve made.

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What are the payment options?
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The Payment options: Visa, Mastercards, Paypal or Bank Transfer. You can choose any of it while making a purchase on the order checkput page.

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How can I download the files?
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You will get an automated generated email with links to download the Visuals.
We can provide an additional Access via Google Drive to Your registered Email as well if needed.

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Do you have a Post delivery?
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We have a Post delivery for the HDD Kits & HDD Bundles. For the other Products you’ll get an access to download.
In European countries Post Delivery takes 3-4 working days by Standart Delivery and for all others Countries 1-3 Working Days through Express Delivery.
We can also arrange some specific HDD Bundle for You. In this case we would to need to charge additional Fees for Hard Drive and Delivery. Just Contact us.
We can send You an additional access to download Files from Google Drive as well if you prefer this way to get Your HDD Kit.

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Who can get a discount?
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Every our client will get 10% Discount for All Products at Video Mapping Store by subscribing to our newsletter.
We can also make You a Partner discount if You would like to order products with minimum spend 500 Euro and VIP Discount with minimum spend 1000 Euro. Just Contact us!
We love to surprise and delight our customers!

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Which advantages will I get with Video Mapping Store?
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While being a Video Mapping Store Customer you’ll get the branded high quality Projection Assets & 3D Effect Visuals for Projection Video Mapping & Show produced by Nektar Digital Group LP.
Only Video Mapping Customers will get an access to download free VJ Loops after Purchasing any Video Mapping Loops Packs.
Regular sales and Personal Discounts for all Customers are guaranteed!
We’re doing our best to provide each our Customer professional personal support.